Trusting Yourself

I would post this video with the following comments from me and I would tag her @thesophiagol Sf
Look no further than Sophia Schubert as a positive role model for you mental game. She started the week and her final day with a very simple thought of "trust God's Plan" for the week and the day. By having a thought like this it really took all the pressure off of her to perform and allowed her to just focus on playing golf.
Playing golf and being focused on results and score are very different and to be successful you have to focus on what you can control (no results, scoring or making birdies). This was more evident as even down the stretch she was not aware of her standing in the tournament until she looked at a leaderboard on hole 14 and found she was T-1. Upon finding out this information she chose not to keep thinking about this and got back into her process of focusing on her next shot.
Sophia shared how helpful her caddie was with keeping her calm. The announcers kept talking in the telecast how at ease Sophia and Britney appeared because they were just talking, smiling and laughing through the final 9 holes. One of the announcers shared a story about talking with Sophia's caddy prior to the final round and they hoped to keep their focus on talking and working with each other and just the 14 clubs in the bag.
These are real life examples of the kinds of work I focus on with the golfers and athletes I see in my practice and teach them to use in their games and competitions. The piece is learning how to stay in the moment and to stay focused on your process with all the distractions and interference. It's a very difficult to keep you thoughts on process and not get distracted by thinking about the results.
Sophia's last question in the interview was about her birdie putt on 18 that just missed. " I put a good stroke on it and it barely missed, it was a good putt and I was happy with my effort overall". Her answer speaks to the process oriented mindset she uses in her mental game and to her focus being on what she can control which was putting a good stroke on the putt! She had her mind in place to focus on the process of making a good read and stroke on the putt and not on making the putt.
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